Blues and Hot Swing Ukulele

Here you will find the videos for my new book:

Blues and Hot Swing Ukulele

A few good friends and affiliates have done you (and me!) the favor to play a song each.
They have all been written by me and published in the book.
An English version of the book is to come this year.
page title video and player
6 Ein Blues Video - Iso Herquist
08 Don't Break Your Fingers Video - Ekkehard Prepens
08 Don't Break Your Fingers (in the forest) Video - Hardy C. Lugerth
14 Tinpot Blues
21 One Trick Pony Video - Jan Haasler
26 John's Blues Video - Christopher Davis-Shannon
30 Cypress Blues Video - Peter Funk
30 Cypress Blues - Low G Version Video - Krischan Meder
32 The Friendly John Hurt
34 Lightnin' Video - Peter Funk
34 Lightnin' Video - Iso Herquist
37 Bo Carter's Frechheiten Video - Adam Franklin
40 Robert Johnson und Lucifer Video - Choan Gálvez
42 Boy'ish Man Video - Hardy C. Lugerth
44 Schreckenspost Video - Ukulelezaza


further books:
Ukulele lullabies, Schell Verlag, 2020
Blues and Hot Swing Ukulele, 2021
You can get them in my Onlineshop